The New SocialRank Dashboard

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Up till now when you’ve come back to your SocialRank account each month (if you are on the free tier) or daily (on the paid tier) you were dropped into an overview page that showed your #1 MVF, MEF, and Best Follower. This was okay for the first time receiving your report, but not a very good long term dashboard.

Today we have upgraded the SocialRank dashboard to include some key information about your followers. The first thing we added was your total follower count. We show you your total followers as of the report being run, the amount of followers you had when your last report ran, and the delta between (positive or negative).

Then we decided to pick out two interesting insights about each metric (MVF, MEF, BF) and show you the biggest jumper and biggest dropper in your SocialRank report.

This is all the dashboard has right now, but let me know (at [email protected]) if you think there is something big missing from it, that is worthy of pointing out.

Alex Taub

Co-founder of SocialRank

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