Tech Companies Index

A few days ago, we launched the SocialRank Index, which is a real-time look at the Twitter activity of the world’s biggest brands. Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing a slew of other industry-specific indexes.

Today, we begin this process with the release of the Tech Companies Index.

Tech Companies Index


This index was inspired by PwC’s Global Software Leaders report, which ranks tech companies based on software sales. Some of these are the behemoths that made their big rise in the ‘80s and ‘90s. We’re talking about the Adobes, Intuits, IBMs, Amazons, Googles, Microsofts, and Salesforces of the world.

The Data


The Tech Companies Index visualizes one big question: how gracefully have these mature tech companies managed their relationships online? Out of the 100 companies on PwC’s original list, 96% have public Twitter accounts. Moreover, 54% of the followers of the average company in this index have tweeted something in the past 90 days. Compare the same number to the Global Brands Index (53%).

There are many more insights to glean, so we invite you to go check out the index and see how these legacy tech companies are doing on Twitter. If you’re feeling more adventurous, visit the Dashboard to compare your own account to this index.

Next Steps

In professional baseball, we have seen the rise of “Moneyball” — great franchises now build winning teams through rigorous data analysis (OPS, PECOTA, etc), paying less attention to headline-grabbing stats like Home Runs or ERAs.

We want to bring that same ethos to brand management, where marketers and strategists work round the clock trying to crack the code on how to develop relationships online and build brand equity. We want the SocialRank Index to become Moneyball for Brands– great marketing teams building winning campaigns through a more sophisticated analysis of social data.

If you are interested in what we are building, please reach out to us ([email protected]) or me ([email protected]) with any ideas of metrics to track or indexes to build.


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