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We’ve made an important change to our Activity Filter this past month. Previously, you could filter your followers based on whether they were Active, Inactive, or Fake. However, these categories weren’t fully accurate. We had come up with decent approximations for them, but honestly, only Twitter can display this information correctly.

For example, we might call a user Inactive because he hasn’t tweeted anything in a while. But he might be logging in on a daily basis and clicking on links, but choosing not to ever tweet, favorite, @reply, or RT. So calling him Inactive wouldn’t be exactly true.

So we scrapped these categories and replaced them with what we believe might end up being more useful for you. The Activity Filter now breaks down to Recently Tweeted, Previously Tweeted, and Never Tweeted.

Recently Tweeted: Tweeted in the last 90 days
Previously Tweeted: Haven’t tweeted in the last 90 days, but have tweeted at least
once in their Twitter history
Never Tweeted: Self-explanatory

Noticeably missing from these three is the popular Fake Followers filter. We trust in Twitter to work out this definition themselves as time goes on — currently, only they have access to the type of data that could accurately determine this. In the meanwhile, our update to the Activity Filter will allow you to more clearly see which of your followers are talking the most on Twitter.

Make sure to check out the new and improved Activity Filter!

Alex Taub

Co-founder of SocialRank

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