New Look for Market Intel

Our Market Intel product (still in private beta) allows users to run reports on any Twitter account. Because we know this product will be extremely useful to entities ranging from big brands and record labels to agencies and universities, we are still slow to onboard new users to test it.

However, for those beta testing it (or those still interested in beta testing), we have added a new look to Market Intel. In addition to being able to segment and parse through someone else’s followers list, you will now be able to see their dashboard:


The dashboard gives a higher level view of what’s going on for someone else’s Twitter account (in this case, Pepsi’s). You’ll be able to see trends in follower counts and engagement, as well as other more specific stats. This capability builds upon all the segmenting and filtering you could do previously, which is still accessible via the Followers tab in the side navbar:


Just like with your own personal account, you can save searches for your future reference. Below is what the “Save History” tab would look like if I saved my search for Pepsi’s followers in New York City:


If you’ve had enough and want to return to your own personal Twitter account, all you have to do is follow the directions on the green bar that’s perpetually at the top of the screen:


If you’re interested in becoming a beta user for Market Intel, sign up here! We’ll make note of your information as we start granting Market Intel access to more people.


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