SocialRank Daily #1: How a Chipotle burrito pretends to be healthy

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Tom Fishburne, cartoonist/marketer, “Health Food Marketing”. A funny take on how you can market unhealthy food by focusing on the parts of it that are “healthy.”


Alexandra Previdi of Vivaldi Partners, “Stranger Than Fiction: A Mad World Even Don Draper Couldn’t Have Imagined”. In which Previdi runs down some classic ads from the 1960s for Mohawk Airlines as a contrast to today’s digital, hyper-connected world.


Roman Mars from 99% Invisible, “Why City Flags May Be the Worst Designed Thing You’ve Never Noticed”. A TED Talk in which a podcaster live-produces a podcast about the design, purpose, and philosophy of flags. Not your typical TED Talk (text transcript also available).



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