SocialRank Daily: The study that linked chocolate to weight loss was fake

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Bob Hoffman from the Ad Contrarian, “Mad Men Meets Funny Girl”. “And if there was ever a clearer indication of the bubble we live in, it is this — on the same night the finale of MadMen was airing, almost twice as many Americans watched sixty-year-old re-runs of I Love Lucy.”


Hunter Walk of Homebrew, “The Time When Lady Gaga Told YouTube to Keep Its UX Shitty”. The YouTube team was thinking about revamping its design to make it sleeker. Lady Gaga told them that would be a huge mistake.


Johannes Bohannon, PhD and journalist, “I Fooled Millions into Thinking Chocolate Helps Weight Loss. Here’s How”. A scientist conducted a study that found that eating chocolate helps people lose weight. The media ate it up and it became somewhat of a meme. Too bad it was all bad science.



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