SocialRank Daily: What if marketers knew when you did your laundry?

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Angela Duckworth, behavioral psychologist, “A Talk with Angela Duckworth”. “One insight I’ve had about habit is that it truly neutralizes the aversive. Making something habitual takes the sting away from that task. If you just decide every day when you’re going to do the task, and where you’re going to do it, you’re effectively putting it on autopilot.”


Terry O’Reilly from Under the Influence, “The Internet of (Marketing) Things”. Imagine your washing machine texting you automatically when the load is done. Now imagine marketers knowing when you typically do your laundry.


A.J. Jacobs from Esquire, “The Overly Documented Life”. A slightly extreme experiment from 2012. Smartphones, hearing aids, livestreams, Fitbits, and a dwindling attention span.



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