SocialRank Daily: The genius of Apple’s iPhone 6 ads

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Ben Kay, creative director at Media Arts Lab, “Shot on iPhone 6”. The new iPhone ads show what Apple understands about marketing that many other companies don’t: 1) make the product incredible, then 2) make how awesome that product is the core feature of the “brand.”


Dave Trott, old-school copywriter, “In the Beginning Was the Word”. Back in the day, John Wycliffe and William Tyndale were burnt at the stake for trying to translate the Bible into English. The Church feared them. “Anytime anyone can’t or won’t explain things in plain, simple language it’s because they don’t want anyone to know what they do. They’re scared it would mean anyone could do it.”


Chris Sacca from Lowercase Capital. “What Twitter Can Be”. Very interesting read even if you aren’t a frequent Twitter user. This piece digs deep into the many possible futures a relatively young company has to make decisions about.



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