SocialRank Daily: Stop using the c-word (creativity)

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Russell Davies, former digital strategist for Nike, Ingenuity Trumps Creativity. The term ‘creativity’ is entirely overused, often as a crutch for the tortured artist type. What is better is ‘ingenuity’ – which is all about cleverness, practicality, and smart short-cuts.


Cindy Alvarez, director of UX at Yammer, Build-Measure-Learn? Or Learn-Build-Measure? When should we learn first and then build vs. build first and then learn? It’s too easy to get stuck and focus on the wrong things at the wrong times.


Vincent Nguyen of Growth Ninja, Facebook Ads Case Study: Design Pickle Increases MRR by $5.8k/mo. Disregard the fluffy blog post title. Vincent gives us a very detailed look at how a design shop used Facebook Ads to find high-quality customers. This article breaks things down strategy-wise, tactics-wise, and data-wise.



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