A Revamped Account Refresh

This may not be very obvious, but your SocialRank account doesn’t update automatically.

Actually, this hasn’t been obvious at all (our bad).

Up until now, the Refresh button had been tucked away in the side navbar. But you guys continued to give us feedback wondering why your stats weren’t up to date.

So we’ve gone ahead and done two things:

1. If you haven’t refreshed your account in the past 3 days, you’ll get a pop-up message:




2. We’ve moved the “Refresh List” option to the top of the page, where it’s easier to find:




Eventually we’ll have an automatic refresh. But for now, these changes should make it more obvious when your SocialRank account needs to be updated.

If you have any product feedback or suggestions – please don’t hesitate to hit us up at [email protected] – we really do listen!



Wearer of many hats at SocialRank. @AmmarM08

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