New Bio Keyword Filter

New Bio Keyword Filter
New Bio Keyword Filter

We’ve pushed an update to the Bio Keyword Filter (for both SocialRank for Twitter and Instagram) to give it a new look and better functionality.

What’s different about it now?

1. Unbundling Search Results

Previously, we bundled the bios, names, and handles of your followers together whenever you used the Bio Keyword filter. But what if you only wanted to search for a specific handle, or a specific keyword? In this old version of the filter, you might have gotten some irrelevant search results.

So we unbundled this filter to let you choose specifically whether you want to search just for bios, just for names/handles, or if you want to search through all of them at once. This becomes useful when trying to filter down for everyone with the name “George” or for everyone who has “journalist” in their bio.

2. Similar v. Exact Words

The new functionality also gives you the option to search for “exact words” and “similar words.”

So let’s say you are searching through your Twitter followers list for anyone with the name “Mike.” Keeping the “search for similar words” box checked surfaces accounts with not just Mike, but also Michael, Micha, Mitch. etc. If you only want to see search results for Mike, simply uncheck the box.

Our Latest Update

We have one final change, which is going to be its own blog post, but you’ll also notice “Popular Among Your Followers” under a handful of filters. This includes the most popular words in your followers’ bios. We’ll share more about this soon – stay tuned.

If you have any product feedback or suggestions – please don’t hesitate to hit us up at [email protected] – we really do listen!

Alex Taub

Co-founder of SocialRank

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