Comparing Two Accounts On SocialRank

One of the most popular new features on SocialRank is our “Compare to another account” filter. This lets you compare any two accounts on Twitter or Instagram to each other and see the overlap and difference of followers. 

When comparing two accounts on SocialRank you get to see the granular overlap or difference. Most other products out there will show you the overlap and difference with high-level stats, giving you just a number count. Not only does SocialRank give you a number, but we also let you see the exact accounts that overlap. On top of that, you can use other filters to dig deeper and better segment.

The “Compare to another account” filter is highly intertwined with Market Intel (the ability to run other accounts on the SocialRank platform like it’s your own). Make sure to request access here.

There are a few ways we’ve seen brands use the “Compare to another account” filter so far:

Better Tailored Audience Campaigns


Using the “Compare to another account” filter you can build a highly-tailored database of Twitter handles to use for your Promoted Tweet campaign. Tailored audiences let you target an exact account; the catch is you need to provide an email or Twitter handle. With this filter you can better segment for your tailored audience campaign.

For example, you want to go after your competitors’ followers. You can run their account in Market Intel and see everyone that follows them and doesn’t follow you and run a tailored audience campaign to target those exact followers. We even have the ability to export to a CSV file that is made for a tailored audience campaign.

Benchmarking Against Competitors

Another way to use the “Compare to another account” filter is to run your competitors and see how you stack up against them. Seeing how much you (i) overlap, (ii) who follows you and not them and (iii) them and not you will give you a good understanding of how you are doing. You can even use the first example to go after their audience with a tailored audience campaign.

Quantifying the Performance of Partnerships


Let’s say two brands are partnering together — they agree to post about each other on their respective Twitter or Instagram accounts. Before these posts go out, the brands track the overlap and difference in their followers. When the promotion ends, they check the overlap and difference again. You can effectively quantify the performance of these types of relationships instead of just guesstimating it.

Valuing the Social Side of Endorsement Deals

screen shot 2013-06-11 at 11.20.35 am

Social is a relativity new part of endorsement deals. It used to be all commercials and media appearances but now with social, individuals getting endorsed (and brands) have yet another outlet to share whatever their relationship is. So with the “Compare to another account” filter you can run the brand and the public figure and see the overlap of followers.

This can be looked at in two ways: 1) Strong overlap, 2) Not a strong overlap.

If you have a strong overlap (i.e. sharing 20% or more of your followers) you can make the argument that this is a good endorsement deal and the audiences are similar (i.e. KitchenAid and Gordon Ramsey).

If you have a weak overlap (i.e. sharing 5% or less of your followers) then you can make the argument that these are completely new audiences for exposure as there is virtually no overlap in followers.

These are just a few ways we’ve seen it used in the first few weeks it has been available. If you have any ideas of other ways to use it – reach out and let us know!

Alex Taub

Co-founder of SocialRank

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