Comparison Filter Update: Comparing Lists

“Compare Accounts” is one of SocialRank’s most popular filters. When we first released a comparison filter it enabled you to compare any two accounts on Twitter or Instagram to each other and see the overlap or difference of followers. Later we released a version that allowed you to compare as many accounts as you’d like.

With the feedback from our clients we saw value in being able to compare different lists and so the new version of the filter lets you do just that. With the ‘Compare Accounts & Lists’ filter you can now compare multiple accounts and lists.


compare lists


Imagine you’re Gap and you operate a number of brands such as Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Athleta. Each brand has it’s own individual following. You can use the ‘Compare Accounts & Lists’ to identify your audience that overlaps, or even use it to reach new audiences. Let’s say you wanted to run a campaign for your most engaged or most valuable followers across all your brands, you can curate individual lists and then compare them to find the overlap.

Another example would be tracking growth or changes during a campaign. Let’s say you’re launching a partnership with an influencer and are tracking followers you have in common. You can create a list that shows this overlap prior to the campaign, and then compare against future lists. You can save updated versions of the list daily or weekly and be able to see the change. This can help you determine how successful a campaign has been.

To compare two lists, select one list from the Lists tab. This drops you into that individual list view, and then using the ‘Compare Accounts & Lists’ filter select the list(s) you want to compare. You can then choose to see the overlap or difference of followers. The same concept applies to comparing to other accounts or multiple lists.

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