New Feature: Keyword Exclusion

Recently we released an update for the ‘Bio Keyword,’ and ‘Words, Hashtags, & Emojis’ filters on SocialRank. You are now able to do an exclusionary search using both of these filters.

What this means is that when you enter a keyword you can select an option that will exclude results that have said keyword. In order to do this simply select “Search for none of these words” under the “Show search options” tab.

keyword exclusion

Consider this example- you’re Equinox and are rewarding your most engaged NY followers with a discounted membership. A lot of your employees are following you, so you want an easy way to remove them from the results view without having to customize a list manually. In order to do this, you’d add the filter for New York, and then in ‘Bio Keyword’ search “Equinox Trainer” and select the option to exclude these users.

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