Request Beta Features

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We have been building new filters and product updates at SocialRank for the past few months. When demo’ing the product, potential customers see some of the things in beta that are coming soon. Normally we do this internally but we decided to turn on these “Beta Features” for select users so they can play with them before they are properly released.

There are a few new filters including a Gender Filter (filter by Male or Female), Device Type Filter (what device your follower is using), Language Filter (what language your followers are using), Profanity Filter (filter out people that use profanity in their content) and more. We also have some updates around products like Direct Messaging and displaying a macro view of your account.

All of these new features let you really dig into your followers, segment your audience in new ways and more effectively run campaigns.

If you’d like to request beta features turned on for your account – please email us at [email protected] and we will do our best to give you early access to some of the new stuff that will be rolling out soon.