Using SocialRank, Export Your Best Followers List On Twitter To RebelMouse


Two weeks ago we quietly added a highly requested feature, which is exporting your MVF, MEF, and Best Followers to Twitter lists. This is a premium feature but a very simple thing you can do to better understand the people following you on Twitter.

Well now with RebelMouse you can take that private or public list you made (we default to private) to pull it into your RebelMouse page and display the tweets (filtering through hashtags or something else).

I set up SocialRank’s RebelMouse page to filter our MVF, MEF, BF’s with the hashtag #MEF, #MVF, #BestFollower and #FirstFollower. Check it out here.

Here is step by step instruction to set this up for your RebelMouse page:

1) Log into SocialRank with your company handle.

2) After your report runs, head to one of the pages (BF, MVF, or MEF) and click “Export List to Twitter” (you have to be a premium user, but if you’d like to test out premium, hit me up at [email protected] and I’ll temporarily upgrade you).

3) Decide how you want to export (private or public and All or just BF, MVF, or MEF) and export! If you have any problems email [email protected]

4) Go to RebelMouse and create an account or log in.

5) Once in, head to Content Sources and enter it in. For instance, if you were trying to add this Twitter list, you’d just add @soulcycle/instructors in the Twitter area of the Content & Feeds tab. You can also add a hashtag filter to the list, and only tweets with the hashtag will appear on your page. If you have any trouble with this, please shoot RebelMouse a note at [email protected]

Tada! You now can display your best, most valuable, and most engaged followers on Twitter onto your RebelMouse page.